“Yoga isn’t something you do, it is WHO YOU ARE.”
-Angela Farmer

Hey there. My name is Kelsey. I’m so glad you’re here.

When asked what I do, I tell people I’m a yoga teacher. To me this represents so much more than simply instructing people on how to move their bodies. It is my mission and passion to bring people closer to the truth of who they are, and I use the physical practice of yoga as an entry point.

I believe that Yoga is an experience; a way of being; a courageous journey that asks us to move towards discomfort rather than away; a practice of getting into our lives rather than escaping them. I believe that Yoga is a living practice which seeks to call back the pieces of ourselves we have systematically abandoned. Yoga, as a physical practice, is a gateway to experiencing the fullness of who we are, and it is only the beginning.

As a Tantra Yoga teacher, I offer public and private group classes, individual sessions, workshops, mentorship, and yoga teacher trainings.

It is my desire, through this work, to help guide individuals towards deep awareness and understanding of who they are. As we begin to understand this for ourselves, we give others permission to do the same; and when we can learn to love, respect, and honor all of the pieces of ourselves, it becomes impossible to reject those things in others. I truly believe that in healing our relationships with ourselves, we can heal the world.

With kindness & gratitude


Kelsey leads a grounded and intuitive practice, guiding gently and confidently while leaving space for everyone’s experience. Her classes are at once challenging and restorative, opening the heart and the body.
— Sally S., Lansing MI