A Note on Perfection

Y’all, I’m. So. Tired.
I’m tired of subscribing to the idea that in order to take action, my actions must be perfect. I’m tired of settling for inaction out of fear that I might mess up; I might say the wrong thing; I might look foolish; God forbid somebody else says it/does it/wears it better.
I’m tired of waiting around for the perfect time to share the perfect bit of insight, written in perfect prose, accompanied by the perfect image. I’m tired of sequestering my desire & ability to share out of fear that it won’t ever be “perfect.”

As I sit and grow tired, waiting for things to be perfect, here's what I'm coming to realize. Perfection is a prison. Read that again- PERFECTION. IS. A. PRISON.

It’s a prison we’ve built around ourselves, and while it may feel as though it keeps us safe, that safety keeps us small. And if we want to create change, in ourselves and in the world- babes, small is not the answer. Perfection is not the way.

In order to transform, we must be willing to expand beyond the confines of the illusion of perfection. We must be willing to show up in our vulnerability, our imperfections, sometimes our downright foolishness.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall ever learning all that much from doing things “right.” What I do learn from-what we all grow from-are the fuck-ups; the mistakes; the fumbles and tumbles; the imperfections. We learn & grow only when we show up despite the fear, despite not knowing it all, despite the fact that someone else knows more, or says it more eloquently. Not one of us learned to walk without falling down a whole lot along the way.

So here’s to fucking up, to looking stupid, to getting it wrong. Here’s to failing, to falling, to not knowing what the hell we’re doing but showing up anyhow. Here’s to liberating ourselves from our self-imposed prisons of perfection, even if what’s beyond its confines is fucking scary. In liberating ourselves, we give others permission to do the same.

My challenge to you, friends, is this: Try something scary, something challenging, something new, every single day. Start small- maybe it's a new way of holding your body on your yoga mat. And if (and when) it doesn't turn out "perfectly," CELEBRATE! Laugh. Cry. Tell your friends. Let the world know that you're not perfect, that no one is, but that you're learning. You're growing. You're expanding. And that is the point.

I can't wait to hear about it.